When in Comal County…


Comal County is located in central Texas, and it got it’s name from Spanish word “comal” meaning: flat dish, from it’s first settlers more than 150 years ago. This can tell you a lot about this place, if you aren’t already acquainted with it. If you are planning on visiting, you won’t make a mistake, as Comal holds some pretty interesting gems in it. There is an abundance of natural life and things to see, and it creates a nice surrounding for your dream vacation. County is rich with hotels and restaurants so you won’t be bored or hungry, we promise, we all know how tasty Texan food is!
New Braunfels, Comal River with it’s beautiful canyons will be a sight to see if you get the chance, and there are a lot of places to rest and dine near by. Comal Park is something you don’t want to miss, either. Be sure not to miss on a chance to enjoy your time by the river with the breath taking view that makes every experience that much better.


Comal County TacosComal County Tacos – if you head out from San Antonio, on your way to the beautiful Canyon Lake or the famed Tejas Rodeo, make sure to make a stop at this marvelous place. As name might imply – this is the place for taco lovers. So if you are one of them, be sure to check if this is your cup of tea. First thing to see there will be a parking lot full of cars and probably a long line of hungry folks waiting to be served, which is a testament to their quality. Don’t worry, they are used to it and you will be served really quick.There is a big selection on what you may order and a lot of people traveling this area regularly make this their designated number one pit stop. So, go check it out!


lAlpine Haus Restaurant – this might be the number one restaurant in all New Braunfels! The reason for it is the fact that this is authentic German restaurant. The interior itself is enough to make you not want to leave, and then, you open the menu. Classic Bavarian meals can be found here, and all the Schnitzel and sausage lovers can find their little haven here. What would German place be if they had no beer? Well, of course, in the Alpine Haus you will find a broad selection of German beers and wines to go along with your delicious meal.


comal-mexican-cafeComal Cafe – on your way to the Comal park or the Canyon Lake? If you are nearby, enjoying the view, hiking or enjoying with your family, make sure to visit Comal Cafe. It is placed near the lake and here you can find a touch of authentic, real Mexican kitchen. If you love spicy, original Mexican flavor, this is a place for you. Enjoy the Texan diversity, and experience the perfect aroma of Mexico in a lovely surroundings, near the beautiful Canyon Lake.